Typically, by the time you realize that your sump pump isn’t working right, there’s water in your basement. However, don’t waste any more time and call your local specialist in sump pump repair in Baltimore. Don’t assume that damage is already done – the next big thunderstorm could be just hours away and it may add a few more inches to your already wet basement.

The sump pump repair may be as easy as removing debris caught onto the float switch or as complex as replacing an intake valve or a part of the intake line. Sometimes, the reason your sump pump failed is because it got overwhelmed with the amount of water. In this case, sump pump replacement might be a better option than repair.

By installing a larger capacity sump pump, you increase the chances of your basement staying dry even during major storms, such as Hurricane Sandy. Call Guardian Waterproofing and we’ll help you determine whether repair or replacement is the best option for your sump pump.

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