Foundation & Crack Repair

Over time walls and foundations crack and separate. Unstable soils and poor drainage are often the problem. Water can enter building from the settled backfill, or window wells can develop leaks. Foundation and water infiltration issues can decrease the value of your home and create safety and health issues. Call us for a comprehensive look at your home foundation problems from someone that knows.

Recognize early warning signs! Some common foundation problems are as follows:

• wet walls • walls bowing
• walls cracking • damp walls or floor
• dampness • discoloring
• odors • damp carpet
• damp drywalll • puddles
• muddy floors • bowing and buckling walls
• flooding in the basement • hairlines cracks
(both vertical and horizontal)

We can determine problems and remedial repairs. Settlement vs. bulging bowed walls require different repair methods. We can identify whether underpinning, wall stabilization, or wall replacement is needed.

If your home is experiencing any of these problems contact us today for a solution. Let us help you learn more about waterproofing your home.

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